This project is developed in accordance with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Creative Spirits Network - EU URBACT III (2014 – 2020) Programme; Design Challenge is part funded as a Local Creative Engagement Action. It is separate to the ‘Waterford Cultural Quarter’ ongoing development process and the committee/external organizations (Garter Lane Arts Centre and Waterford Institute of Technology) cannot accept any enquires relating to issues beyond the competition remit.


  1. The closing date is the 9th of October 2018. Any entries received after this date will not be accepted.

  2. Information submitted will be treated in confidence but may be submitted for checking against records held by other government departments, other agencies, local authorities for the purposes of assessing eligibility for a grant i.e. . All submissions will must meet the outlined of the ERDF regulations.

  3. All Submissions must meet obligations under the Freedom of Information Act as amended. This policy does not affect your rights and your information will be held as prescribed under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.

  4. Only one entry per team will be accepted.

  5. All entries must be an original, unpublished proposal by team who enters the competition. Copies of other people work will not be accepted.

  6. The website, terms and conditions, promotional material, correspondence and submissions will use the English language throughout the competition.

  7. Once an entry has been submitted, no edits, replacements or exchanges will be accepted from the entrant. Entries that are incomplete/illegible will not be valid and deemed void.

  8. Entries will be judged on meeting the competition brief, as published.

  9. A panel of judges in conjunction with the public will select and shortlist finalists and the winning solution will be posted on the website www.designchallengewaterford.ie/news to inform all participants and entrants.

  10. All entries will be contacted by email on or before October 5th 2018 and will be provided with reasons why their project is or is not eligible by way of receipt of Expression of Interest. This is allowing that all necessary information has been provided for the submission.

  11. The Stage 2 prize of €500 will be to develop the project and it is non-transferable.

  12. Proof of identity may be required.

  13. Photography and audiovisual material from public workshops/events for documentation and promotional purposes may be used without written consent.

  14. The Design Challenge Team and their organizations will not accept liability for loss or damage to any work submitted.

  15. All entries, together with the entrants name and photograph, may be used in the completion advertising, promotion or publicity in the media without additional compensation. The shortlisted and winning entries are asked to refrain from arranging their own publicity or publication.

  16. Use of false name or address by a competition entrant will disqualify them from receiving any prize.

  17. Unless otherwise stated, all taxes, insurance, fees and surcharges on any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.

  18. Any expenses incurred in travel to and from the venues used by Design Challenge Waterford will not be covered unless expressly stated otherwise.

  19. The winning design solution proposal will be funded to the value of €2,500 to develop a plan; WCCC does not commit to implementing the plan if it decides that it is not feasible to do so.

  20. For Intellectual Property information please click here.

  21. Website and promotional material will be updated and subject to change to correspond with ongoing developments as the competition progresses.